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As an award-winning business consultant and Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, Designing Destinies is here to help you start or scale your business. Whether you are looking to strengthen your company’s mission, increase employee engagement, or expand your impact, by working with a certified business consultant, you will be able to accelerate your business growth by creating customized business strategies designed to boost personal and professional engagement.

Our Services

Whether you need to build positive habits within your business and employees or learn your strengths as individuals and as an organization, help your workforce culture grow with either our Strengths Finder or Habit Builder programs.

Strengths Finder

According to Gallup’s research, people who know their strengths and use them are 3X more likely to report having an excellent quality of life than those who do not know their strengths, and people who use their strengths at work are 6X more likely to be engaged in their jobs. A winning culture is one that values strengths-based development. Because a strengths-based workplace is transformational; it’s a culture that focuses on continual growth and improvement among everyone in the organization. Learn more about what we offer!

Habit Builder

Habits are an essential piece of personal growth and development. Invest in a program tailored for people who want to turn their talents into strengths, become more excellent in life and work, and increase their general well-being. Using daily exercises designed to build habits, the program is focused around getting the most out of your top 10 CliftonStrengths.

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Who Am I?

Nikki Buus AntoneWith over 25 years of experience in executive coaching, leadership and team development, accountability management, sales management and strategic planning, I bring my strengths to play within your business. I was a senior manager at a Fortune 500 company for almost 20 years and have helped several leaders in the community achieve their goals and win top-level awards within their field. My top strengths are :

  1. Strategic
  2. Achiever
  3. Woo
  4. Activator
  5. Significance

Want to learn more about how these strengths will play into growing your business? Learn more about how a business coach can help!

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